Gift registries may be standard practice in the US but in Australia baby shower gift registries are a fairly new concept. While many of us still feel a bit awkward asking for gifts, an overwhelming majority of the shoppers we speak to say they love it when parents to be let them know exactly what they need.

A registry takes the guesswork out of choosing a present and means you’ll get gifts you actually want instead of 50 identical wraps or 25 hats.

At Baby and Toddler Town we’ve helped hundreds of parents to be set up gift registries. We thought we would share our top tips and suggestions to help you avoid some common mistakes when creating your baby shower registry.

Mistake #1 - Not putting items with a range of different price tags on your registry. Many people assume that gift registries are just for big ticket items but we would suggest putting a range of differently priced items on your registry. There will probably be some people who just want to get something small while for those larger items, friends or family might like to pitch in together. Giving people options means nobody needs to feel pressured to fork out for something they can’t really afford.

Here’s examples of products in different price ranges:

Mistake #2 - Registering at a local store when your friends and family live far and wide. If you have family and friends spread across a large geographical area you may want to consider an online gift registry. This allows people to buy you something online, which you can then pick up at your local store or have delivered.

Mistake #3 - Not keeping track of who has bought what. One common problem with gift registries is that some people will see the items on the gift registry but then go and purchase them elsewhere. This can lead to a situation where you end up with multiples of presents because they’re not marked off on the registry as bought. Encourage people to make purchases from the registry so everyone can see who has bought what.

Mistake #4 - Leaving it too late. Gift registries are definitely not a last minute affair. The best time to set up a gift registry is early on – you’ll want to let people know about it well before your baby shower. If you leave it too late you run the risk that people will have already bought gifts by the time they see your registry.

Mistake #5 - Not coming into the store and speaking with a sales consultant before creating your registry. Choosing what to put on your gift registry can be tricky and it’s important that the items you choose meet your needs and fit in with your lifestyle. We highly recommend speaking to an experienced member of staff who can help you work out your needs and find the products that will suit you best.

Setting up a gift registry is easy and it can be done online. Here are the steps involved in setting up a baby shower gift registry at Baby and Toddler Town:

  • Create an account or log in to your existing account at
  • Fill out the event details and save.
  • Look through our products and when you find one you like click on ‘add to gift registry’ to add it.
  • When you’re ready, share your registry with friends and family by clicking on ‘share link’ in your gift registry management area.

Gift registries are becoming more common among parents to be and their families and it’s easy to see why. By taking the guesswork out of gift giving, you’ll get what you really want and your baby shower guests won’t have to spend hours trying to think of the perfect present. Why not give it a try and get started today?