For most first time parents walking into a baby store can be an exciting and overwhelming experience! Expecting a little one will bring out all types of emotions from excitement to nervousness, from clarity to indecisiveness all at once.

With a wealth of knowledge out there - whether you research online, watch YouTube clips, talk with friends and mothers groups or take advice from your own parents, sometimes it all just becomes confusing.

There are so many things you need (or just want) and with having no experience it’s hard to know the difference. What you must understand is all of us have different lifestyles. From the active fitness parents to the shopping addicted mums – you really need to make decisions based on your current lifestyle.

Here are a few handy tips for you to consider when first time shopping for your baby;

  • Do your research – Ensure you are choosing products that suit you and your lifestyle.
  • Test drive – Need to know if a pram feels right and fits your needs.
  • Don’t leave it until the last minute – Some products may need to be ordered in and babies can come early!
  • Think about your current lifestyle – This will help eliminate products and help you choose from the endless options.
  • Impulsive buying – Don’t rush in, I know it all looks cute but think about what will be more practical.
  • Car Seat Safety – It is very important to ensure you have a safe car seat suitable to the correct height and age of your child. It is also highly recommended that you have your car seat correctly fitted by a qualified car seat installer.
  • Now-Then-Later – Think about how the product will be used from birth and transition as they grow.
  • Create your own baby checklist – Helps you keep organised with a list of wants and needs.
  • Think about a baby gift registry – Great way to have your family and friends buy you what you need and want to avoid too many double-ups or unused gifts.
  • More than one? – We know it’s enough to think of one right now but if you are planning on number two down the track ensure your purchases will last through a growing family.

Shopping for baby is a wonderful experience, we all love helping new mums through this beautiful journey. For any questions, tips and advice please contact the team @ Baby & Toddler Town.