Creating a gift registry is a great idea to help your friends and family know exactly what you and your little one needs. They are a simply way for your to itemise all your desired products and to send the list to your guests. They also save you from unwanted gifts or double ups!

You can create a gift registry for just about any occasion or milestone from

  • Baby Shower Registry
  • New Mum Essentials Registry
  • Baby’s 1st Birthday Registry
  • Christmas Gift Registry
  • Child’s Birthday Registry
  • Christening Gift Registry

You should choose a variety of different products varying in price, this allows your guests to purchase products no matter what their taste or budget is. It is important to think of things you will need for both short and long term, especially if you are creating a registry for your first baby as newborns needs change very quickly.

It is also fun – choosing gifts and adding them to your list. Include items you would wish for but can’t quite justify spending it yourself.  A simple way of shopping without having to spend money!

Start creating a Gift Registry for your special occasion today