When you’re shopping for your new baby, the pram is one of those big-ticket items that needs careful consideration. As a new parent, your pram is your lifeline to the outside world – over the next few years you’re going to spend a lot of time hauling it around so it’s important that you get one that’s right for you.

With so many different styles and makes of pram out there, the options can be overwhelming. While cost, safety and appearance are important considerations when choosing a pram, there are a few other factors you’ll want to take into account.

Here are five questions that parents to be often forget to ask themselves before they buy a pram:

How many children do you have now/are planning to have in the future?

If you’re expecting your first child, you’re probably not thinking about a tandem pram (unless it’s twins), but if there’s the possibility you will have more than one child with a close age gap, getting a pram that can be adapted to fit two children now can potentially save you a lot of money. There are a number of different options here, from side by side to one behind the other, or you could look at a single pram with a skateboard attachment for a toddler.

Here’s some of our top-selling tandem prams:

What will it mostly be used for?

Will you be using your pram as the main mode of transportation for your baby or will you mostly be driving? Do you want a pram you can jog in and take off the beaten track or will it only be seeing the inside of the shopping centre? A big jogging pram is probably not going to be very practical if you need something light and flexible to manoeuvre around the shops, but if you’re the adventurous type you’ll probably want the extra durability and strength of a more robust pram to take off road.

If you are looking for a jogging pram have a look at these prams:

Is it compatible with your car restraint/capsule?

There are a number of great systems where the pram doubles up as a car capsule. This is great if you don’t want to have to wake your sleeping baby to move them to the car seat. Just unclip the capsule and clip it into the pram attachment and you can be on your way. These aren’t suitable for everyone, but an integrated system is well worth thinking about for convenience and ease of use.

What functions does it need to have to fit in with your lifestyle?

While there’s a laundry list of potential features you pram might have, it’s a good idea to narrow it down to the essentials. Think about factors like the size of your car, how often you’re going to need to fold the pram up and down, whether you spend a lot of time at the beach and how much travelling you do.

Who will be using it the most?

Is your pram going to be used the most by mum, dad, grandma or someone else? Whoever is going to be using it needs to be comfortable with it, and able to easily lift it in and out of the car, or if Grandma is going to be taking it on the bus, you need to think about how it’s going to manage in a confined space.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to finding the perfect pram, it all comes down to individual lifestyle choices. In some cases you will need to compromise. For example, a tandem pram is not going to be lightweight. If jogging is important to you, you’re probably going to have to compromise somewhat on size and weight as jogging tyres naturally weigh more than standard pram tyres.What are the essentials and what can you live without?

Once you’ve worked this out come in to the store and speak to a staff member to find out your options and find the best pram for your individual needs.