Stroller wheels come in a variety of sizes and materials and each size and material type has its own pros and cons and will vary based on what you will primarily be using your pram or stroller for.

The diameter on a stroller wheel can vary greatly, some are as small as four and a half inches while others are as large as seventeen inches. Umbrella strollers as well as traditional strollers tend to feature smaller wheels which makes the stroller lightweight and more compact when folded. These strollers are ideal for parents who will mainly use their pram or stroller out and about in town to go shopping. Your all-terrain jogging strollers often have much larger wheels which allow them to easier negotiate curbs or other rough or uneven surfaces. All-terrain jogging strollers are great for the adventurous parent that likes to explore to world and venture off-road and on varied landscapes.

Most pram & stroller wheels will allow you to have your wheels on “swivel” or “locked” mode. Swivel wheels allow you to comfortably steer and manoeuvre your pram or stroller in the direction you would like to go.  On rough surfaces it is recommended you lock your pram or stroller wheels as this will minimise “wheel wobble” and make for a smoother more comfortable ride for your child.

In the past many stroller wheels were made from plastic but as time has gone on more and more manufactures are turning to more durable materials. Pram & stroller wheels mainly come in four different types;

Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) – A lightweight foam filled option that has great durability. EVA foam tires create a unique system that replaces pressurised air with foam to prevent punctures and eliminate flats making them very low maintenance. Great for an all-terrain option although they are not meant to move fast and would not be suited for faster jogging or running.

Pneumatic (Air-filled) – Offer a superior grip, speed and ride comfort. They are great for faster jogging and walking on uneven surfaces and offer a much smoother, less bumpy ride. The only down side is they require more maintenance as air pressure needs to be maintained and tyres may become punctured with inner tubes that may need to be replaced just like a bicycle tyre.

Aerotech (EVA & Rubber) – A unique blend of EVA and rubber with a hollow inner offering ‘air cushioning’. Aerotech wheels are puncture-proof, low maintenance and are lightweight.  They tend to have superior durability and look very nice but lack in grip and ride comfort.

Polyurethane (Foam-filled) – Provide a larger amount of grip and are durable and easy to replace. They are a low maintenance and are a puncture free option although they are found to be a bit heavier than aerotech or EVA wheels.
When choosing your pram or stroller remember to take into consideration where you will be mainly using it to ensure the wheel size and type will suit your lifestyle.

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