Baby’s first solids are an important milestone for parents as well as babies. For the first six months of your baby’s life breastmilk or formula provides all the necessary nutrients your baby needs. At around the age of six moths it is recommended that you start introducing them to solid foods in addition to the breastmilk or formula as they need the added nutrients and energy.

Introducing solids should be a positive experience as it will affect attitudes and habits later on in life. The skills you teach your baby when starting on solid foods and their experiences with new tastes and textures are foundations for future eating behaviours and preferences.


When to introduce solids:

  • At approximately six months of age – your baby’s digestive system, immune system and kidneys are developed and ready for solids.
  • Your baby can sit up without support and hold their head steady
  • Baby is showing interest in food and has an increased appetite

Solids should be introduced one food at a time, start with small amounts after breastmilk or formula. Introducing new and different foods a few days apart gives your baby time to identify new tastes and gives you time to rule out any sensitivities or allergies to particular foods.

Start with infant cereal as it is smooth, easy to mix and provides extra iron - the additional nutrients most babies need. You can mix the cereal with water, breastmilk or formula that will be familiar in taste for your baby. Other good foods to start with are either mashed or pureed cooked vegetables or fruit. A smooth thin texture is good to start with and as your baby gets use to it you can thicken up the texture.

When it is time to start your baby on solids there are many helpful products available.

Helpful Products:

  • Plates, Bowls & Utensils
  • Highchair & Boosters
  • Bibs & Smocks
  • Food Storage Accessories
  • Food Warmers & Blenders

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