Choosing a baby monitor isn’t always an easy decision, especially with so many models.

Baby monitors are a great safety product for parents to use. They also help to reduce stress levels for parents.

Baby monitors transmit sound and sometimes video images from one room to another. Monitors have two parts, a transmitter and a receiver, they are useful with infants who sleep in a room away from their parents.

At Baby and Toddler Town we stock a large range of different brands and models. We pride ourselves in giving parent’s peace of mind while their baby sleeps.

Audio Monitors

Audio monitors are a great, simple and affordable way to keep an ear on your baby. They are rechargeable and can also be run on AC power. They come with one or more receivers and have long distance reception.  Current digital models also have a crisp clear sound, wide reception range and low interference risk from radios or other electronics.

Movement Monitor

A movement monitor is usually a mat placed under the cot or bassinet mattress which records baby’s movement and alarms after a pause in movement of 15 to 20 seconds. This monitor is placed beneath the bedding in the baby’s cot and can only be used on a flat surface in a cot or bassinet. It is suggested that if your cot has slats on the bottom, that you place a thin piece of ply down before placing your monitoring pads in, then place your child’s mattress on top.

It is important to know that sensor pads must be used with standard baby mattresses. They will not work with latex or memory foam mattresses.

Video Monitors

A video monitor shows you a real time video of your child on a parent monitor. Most video monitors have a wonderful clear image during the day – and also very well at night with low light levels. Infrared LEDs attached on the front of the camera allow a user to see the baby in a dark room. Video baby monitors that have night vision mode will switch to this mode automatically in the dark. Some advanced video monitors also work over Wi-Fi so parents can watch babies through their smartphone or computer.

Video monitors will continue to evolve and now also can utilise features such as night lights, room temperature reading and built-in lullabies. Note - these are not available in all monitors.

When setting up your baby monitors camera, ensure that it is positioned in a place where you can see all angles of your baby. Some cameras can be controlled remotely with a pan and zoom functions so you can keep better track of what's going on.

Two-way communication

For when you can't immediately respond to your baby's call. Allows you to soothe bub from another room, and even communicate with someone else who's in the room with your little one.


Other features on some baby monitors

  • Low battery indicator.
  • Carer unit belt clip.
  • Night light.
  • Volume control.
  • Room temperature indicator