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As any parent will tell you, when you have a new baby it can be extremely difficult to get anything done. Even the little luxuries you used to take for granted like sitting down to drink a hot cup of tea can seem like an impossible dream.

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A pram is one of the biggest purchases you will make for your new baby and once your little one arrives you’re going to be using it a lot so it’s important to choose the right one. Unfortunately when it comes to buying a pram, there is a lot of misinformation out there that’s passed off as fact.

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Gift registries may be standard practice in the US but in Australia baby shower gift registries are a fairly new concept. While many of us still feel a bit awkward asking for gifts, an overwhelming majority of the shoppers we speak to say they love it when parents to be let them know exactly what they need.

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When you're shopping for your new baby, the pram is one of those big-ticket items that needs careful consideration. As a new parent, your pram is your lifeline to the outside world & over the next few years you’re going to spend a lot of time hauling it around so it’s important that you get one that’s right for you.

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As soon as you announce your upcoming arrival to the world it seems like everyone has an opinion on what you should do or buy, especially your family. While this advice can be helpful, in many cases it can be overwhelming, confusing or even downright dangerous.

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Choosing a car seat is one of the most important decisions you will make as a new parent. Not only does the car seat you choose need to be comfortable as your baby will be spending a lot of time napping in it, it needs to be safe. For many safety conscious parents, choosing the right car seat means checking out the Child Restraint Evaluation Program(CREP) website for ratings and comparisons.

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4 Wheel Prams

Baby & Toddler Town and so proud to announce the arrival of our newest family member...our new Robina Superstore. Her arrival was much anticipated and both staff and management are doing well now that she is up and running. While she is bigger than we expected, she is already providing QLD with so much joy!

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Grotime Chateau Cot - White Washed

Baby & Toddler Town are fully aware that you are probably across these items, but we just want to drive home the Top 10 things you need in your Nursery and give our recommendations for your baby room set-up. Though there will be lots you will buy or be gifted in the months leading up to the Bubba’s Birthday, there are the Top 10 Items that you can’t skimp out on or skip.

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